Friday, August 17, 2012

Soap Suds And Climbing Trees

My neighbor has two small boys.  O. is four now, and I've been entertaining my students with his doings for a couple of years.  (There was that time he decided he was my gardener.  And the time he swallowed his mom's wedding ring.  Great tales.)
And now his brother X. is old enough to merit tales of his own.
(Yes, this makes them O and X == hugs and kisses.  Isn't that cute?)
A few days ago, I was pulling in the garbage cans when I happened to glance over at the neighbor.  She was washing her car with "help" from O.  But baby X was enthralled with the bright orange Home Depot bucket on the grass.  The mom had emptied it of water so he couldn't drown, and he was only about 4 feet away from her anyway.  But the bucket still had foam in it.
Wow.  Baby X would crawl completely into the 5 gallon bucket (on its side), then reverse out with handfuls of white, wonderful gooshiness.  And he'd stare at it as it dripped off his chubby little fingers, his eyes nearly round in wonder.  Then he'd repeat the process.
It was hilarious.  I told the mom we should get a camera and put the routine on YouTube.  If she hadn't been so wet and soapy from trying to keep O from "helping" too much, I think she might have.  Pity.  It would've been viral by now, I bet.
A day or two after that I arrived home to find O. attempting to climb a small tree in his front yard.  I told him that someday he'd have to try the big tree in my back yard.
Then I went in the house.
I should have known.
Not five minutes later, there was a knock at my door.  O and his mom were there.  "We have to climb the tree RIGHT NOW," she said, as O proceeded to check out my living room furniture.
Naturally, I led him outside to the large, ivy-covered tree of unknown origin in the yard.  With a boost from his mom, O was ready to grab bark off the tree.  His mom and I both tried to get him to grab the large limb and push himself to standing in the obvious fork of the tree (with nice, safe big limbs around it), but he refused.
"There's a spider web!" he complained.
And the tree-climbing event was reduced to a raspberry-picking episode instead.
Maybe next year.  :)

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  1. O and X sound a lot like two little rascals I know! There are good days and viral days (I just know that video would have rocked!)Maybe next time you can catch them!