Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Mind Boggles....

I snapped this pic with my iPad this past week at Southern Utah University while I was there taking a course.
Here, folks, we have a door with no purpose.  It is not an entrance, not an exit.  It is merely a door, like the 3rd staircase in the song "If I Were A Rich Man," which is, "going nowhere, just for show."  Perhaps there is a brick wall behind this door.  Perhaps it leads to Narnia.  (I know it doesn't lead to Platform 9 3/4 because I found that elsewhere on campus, and I shall post that photo later.)
Also, one must wonder about the events that made it necessary for someone to post these signs upon this "door," for it is really more of a "door" than a door.
(If you're curious, I didn't actually try to open the door.  I never thought to do so, as I was just so enthralled by the mystery of the whole idea of the "door" which was neither an exit nor an entrance.)


  1. Love it. So, basically it's just a wall that looks like a door. Cool.

  2. The sign next to the door suggests that this door might have previously been mistaken for the handicapped only restroom.

  3. Well, maybe. But I think the door would then say "Not a restroom" or perhaps "Restroom to the right." Also, there is a much bigger sign at the entrance end of this narrow hallway, giving specific directions about the regular public restrooms down the stairs and the handicapped only restroom being down the hall and to the right -- and only for those who cannot manage the stairs.