Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Too Darn Hot!

This afternoon, while Dad and I trekked to Lowe's to buy a new sprinkler control box, the thermometer in my car read 96.
It's April, people.  April.
After the battle of the carbon dioxide fumes and lack of ventilation in my relo last autumn, I was informed by the district workman that I'd "have" to have a programmable thermostat put into the relo.  (Bull puckey.  The old analog one worked FAR better.)  Well, I've been telling the custodians for days now that the new thermostat has messed up the a/c in the room, and today the head custodian came into my room to "fix" it when the temp read 76.  He gently chided me, implying I'd messed up the programming, punched a few buttons, and told me not to touch it, as it was working now.  Still too hot, I left the room to let it cool and I spent my consultation period grading papers in the library.  When I returned, the room had "cooled" to 86.  Oh, let me tell you that advisory was fun!  Twenty hot, squirmy 7th graders for 45 minutes at the end of the day!  Joy!  (Note: don't assume that 20 is a normal class size in Utah; it's not.  That's an advisory class only, when even counselors take groups of kids and the school population is spread out more thinly.  A normal-sized class in Utah is 35, sometimes much larger.  Anything under 30 is seriously considered "small" and the teacher counts her/himself as lucky.)
And I don't have a/c at home, either.  Last night was too hot to sleep with the windows closed, so I had noise and heat all night.  Ugh.  These things do NOT lead to a good night's sleep.
Oh yeah, and, with the windows open, all the pollen floats in and I sneeze and sniffle.
Heat, headaches, lethargy, allergies, sleeplessness, and noise.
Is it any wonder I like cooler weather FAR better than summer?
And, as I said above, it's only freakin' APRIL!  I have four to five more MONTHS of this ahead of me.
Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. Happy Monday back at ya. Hopefully things get better on the school/heat fronts for ya!

  2. Sorry had a bad day. I. Found a happy thought reading Hunger Games. Maybe this isn't new to you, but hopefully it is still funny.

    Pg 214 "I struggle again to remember that moment over Glimmer's body, when [Peeta] burst through the trees. But just the fact that he was sparkling leads me to doubt everything that happened."

  3. Sending cool thoughts your way!

  4. Yuck. Would like some of our grey cloud? I can send it.

    1. I'd love some. See what you can do, will you?