Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lots O' Links

Several blogs I read do a weekly links post, but, although I enjoy reading theirs, I've never wanted to join in.  However, today I've just found several really interesting things to share, so I'm doing a links post.

First off, I'll do the links that relate to me.
One is that Samantha at Falling Books has agreed to review and do a giveaway of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire!  This will be great exposure for me, as she has nearly 900 followers.
Speaking of followers, I've discovered that Twitter followers come and go daily.  And I get the most unlikely followers sometimes!  Seriously, someone from an autism awareness group, a sprinkler company,  and someone who claimed to be Governor Gary Herbert were all following me as of yesterday.  (Today, the governor one is gone.  Who knows what I'll have by tomorrow?)
But I'm picking up Pinterest followers right and left!  Holy heck!  I still only follow 10 people on Pinterest, but my vampire board (for collecting ideas for Confessions and Family) has 40 followers, my Celtic board (for images relating to Becoming Brigid) has 41 followers, as does my Nerissa board (for The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay.)  My steampunk board has 40 followers, and my funny stuff board has 42.  And I'm not even out recruiting followers for Pinterest!  So weird.

In other bookish news, I discovered this blog post about a recipe for creating the November cakes that are repeatedly mentioned in The Scorpio Races, which is a superb action/adventure/fantasy book by Maggie Stiefvator.  

And then, through a tweet by author Neil Gaiman, I found this odd post on baffling historical discoveries: tobacco on Egyptian mummies, a Roman shipwreck in a harbor in Brazil -- and their government's subsequent banning of diving, ancient Hebrew on a rock in New Mexico (seems like that one should've come up in a Sunday School lesson somewhere, like Thor Hyerdal always did, but I'd never heard of it before today), and a piece of Roman artwork in Mexico.  Fun stuff.  It's nice to know that there are still mysteries out there to be unraveled.  :)

And, also in a tweet, I got word of this post which claims that men prefer iPads to women.  One in 10 single men, the post claims, would rather have a new iPad than a girlfriend.  However, the statistics are presented in a confusing way.  The article says that 11% of men would prefer the iPad, but that 84% of women would prefer the new boyfriend.  Doesn't that imply, then, that 89% of men would prefer the new girlfriend and 16% of women would prefer the iPad?  Or were there other choices as well, such as what percentage of men or women would prefer an endless supply of chocolate to either other option?  The article does not tell us.
And that's it, folks.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Percentages can be used to say anything depending on what is highlighted.

  2. saw your comment on Carmi's page.. did u look at picnik recommended it.