Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wherein Another Jr. High Library Can't Keep My Book On The Shelf And A Mystery Is Solved

Max sent me this pic yesterday at school.  It's the front counter of the library at the junior high where he teaches with a display of the cover of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  Max's school is having a contest with the book right now!
I e-mailed the librarian at his school, and she said there are no books in Max's photo because all copies of the book got checked out before she could even get the display finished.  At first I thought she meant just the free copy I'd sent to her through Max, but she told me she'd bought five copies from Frost's Books as well.  (That solves the mystery of "the lady" who bought three copies of the book  -- and it also means she went back and bought the two more copies I sold Richard Frost a few days ago!  Frost's has sold out a second time!  -- Guess I'd better see if Richard wants another copy or two, eh?)
All this got me thinking: maybe I ought to contact a few other junior highs and see if they would like free copies in their libraries.  It would certainly expose more kids to the book.
I also offered to do a meet-the-author session at Max's school if the librarian feels there might be enough interest.  That would be fun to try it with kids I don't actually already know.

On a less-fun note: my second proof of All in the Half-Vampire Family arrived today -- and it STILL has cover problems, albeit different cover problems than last time.  Grrrr.....


  1. I talked to the librarian today and the good news is that someone else bought those last two copies. She had thought she bought 5, but there were only 3 there when she went, so that's all she got. That means more people buying the book!

  2. Well, actually, it doesn't. I just ASSUMED she'd gone back to buy the other two because she said she'd bought 5. The other two books probably haven't sold yet.

  3. All good news. Getting into other schools sounds like a great idea. Go for it.