Saturday, April 21, 2012

My POD Is Available In The UK!

I haven't been a big fan of Amazon resellers of my book, as almost all of them have been lying about the availability of the POD.  (Look, people, it's a POD!  I KNOW when someone buys a copy!  So stop saying you HAVE the book ready to ship when you don't.  And what was with the reseller listing a "used" copy of the book at $38.95?!!  A brand new one was $9.99.  Why would someone pay more for a used one -- especially a used one that didn't exist?)
However, today I'd like to thank the resellers. Nine of them are offering my book in the UK right now, so the POD has a page, just like the e-book does.  Have a look.  Click here.
Yes, I still find it hilarious that none of these resellers actually has a copy of the book, and I am highly amused that one of them lists the price at £888.00 plus shipping.  (Really?  I don't think even a signed first edition of a Harry Potter book would go for that much.)  But one reseller is offering Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire for £4.95 + £2.80 shipping.  That's reasonable.
I needed some good news today.  I'm happy I stumbled upon this little bit of info.


  1. £888.00. Plus shipping? But I do think it's funny that people are selling books they haven't even bought yet. And that there are people out there that don't wonder "Hmmm, wonder what it originally went for."
    But congrats anyhoo - 'cause this means that there is yet another venue for your book out there. Nice!

  2. Maybe they know something you don't? Fame lurking in a cupboard? The Scottish Tourist Board using your book in it's advertising for Edinburgh?

    Nah. They're just jerks looking for fools.

    1. Surely no one is foolish enough to pay £888.00 for my book when they could buy it from Amazon for a tiny percentage of the price!

    2. You'd be surprised what some people will do.