Sunday, April 15, 2012

Solving Life's Little Mysteries, One At A Time

Last autumn, a sock went missing in the wash.
I hung its mate up in the laundry room, not wishing to give up on it, as it was a nearly brand-new pair of socks.
Over the past few months, I've cleaned behind the washer and dryer and all around the area where my laundry baskets collect dirty clothes, but to no avail.  The missing sock didn't turn up.
Well, it had to be SOMEWHERE, so I left the mate hanging in the laundry room.
The explanation of this requires you to understand that I have several pairs of sheets, flannel for winter and cotton for summer.  Just today, as I switched a lighter-weight set of sheets onto the bed, the missing sock tumbled out of the pocket of the fitted sheet -- a sheet which had been washed and put away last autumn.
My life feels more complete now.  :)


  1. Were any of my husband's socks wrapped up in there, too?

    1. Nope. Nor was the passport I lost last spring. Sigh.

    2. It works when we can remember where we last saw or had those things that get misplaced and figure out from there, where it could have gone, then you can find it.

  2. But of course you finally discovered where it was taking a vacation! It's probably quite excited to be reunited with (would it be Mr. or Mrs. Sock?) quietly waiting for it to return. Life can be complete again, in the missing sock section!

  3. Isn't it funny how a small thing like that can totally make your day? I've had socks stick to the inside of pant legs and shirt sleeves--sneaky little things!

  4. Would that every missing sock could find its mate . . .

  5. I keep odd socks in case the other one turns up...usually in my son's bedroom.