Tuesday, January 10, 2012

700 Beatles Songs

My new CD of the Beatles early recording with Tony Sheridan arrived today (Yes, I've had the vinyl equivalent for decades), and I uploaded it onto iTunes.
This makes exactly 700 Beatles tracks I have on my iTunes now.  I am still missing a few things, though.  I do not have the Christmas albums (my only copy of those is on a cassette copied from another cassette that my friend copied off a radio broadcast in 1980).  My digital copies of the Hamburg recordings are not as complete as my vinyl versions of the same thing (purchased in Hamburg, Germany in 1982).
Still, 700 digital tracks with the Beatles playing and/or singing (mostly both, of course, but a few numbers are instrumental and these early things have Tony Sheridan singing the lead and the "Beat Brothers" singing back up and playing) is a very nice number.  :)  (It's also 9% of my total iTunes collection.)

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