Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Progress On All In The Half-Vampire Family

I am working on final drafts of the sequel to Half-Vampire.  This weekend (I hope), Max and I will get together to finalize the cover.  And just last night, Scottish author David Cunningham was kind enough to send back his editing of the Scots in the book.
I was so pleased at his comment that my Scots was "remarkably correct."  Whew.  I am not fluent in the language, and I've always loathed it when people try to write in a language where they don't know much of it and get it wrong.  If I am unsure of my Spanish, I ask a native speaker to help me smooth it a bit.  If my Scots feels shaky, I ask a Scot for help.  Fortunately for me, David only had to make fewer than 10 corrections.  Yea for me!


  1. So you're bi-lingual then.

    I can get by in German which can be handy, but like you I wouldn't dare try and write anything in another language without knowing how to speak it as there are so many pitfalls.

    In German 'heiss' can mean hot or warm, so I naturally thought that 'Ich bin heiss' meant that I was felling a bit hot. Turns out, it means, 'I'm feeling randy'.

  2. Perhaps you've heard of John F. Kennedy's famous bad German. When the Americans were trying to force the Soviets from taking over West Berlin and the Americans were airlifting food in, JFK, in an attempt to show solidarity with the Germans, made his famous statement, "Ich bin ein Berliner."
    It sounds like it means, "I am a Berliner." But that statement is "Ich bin Berliner." What JFK actually said, in all solemnity, was, "I am a jelly doughnut."

  3. That is a great accomplishment. Could you put that on a resume? Or an author bio maybe?