Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Off To A Good Start Today

It is not a good omen when both the bathtub and the toilet get clogged drains within 12 hours of each other.    Ever tried plunging a bathtub when you have a pounding headache?  Fun.  Personally, I find it easier just to plunge in the rhythm of the pounds in the head.....  Everything stays in sync that way.
Well, the toilet was an easy fix, but the bathtub is still a stagnant pool.  Looks like I'll be spending some quality time with my plumbers' snake tonight after academic team practice is over.  Joy.  (Where is that sarcasm font???)


  1. Eeep. That sounds miserable. I hope your plumbing straightens out soon.

  2. Thanks, but it didn't.
    While I was at school, my dad worked at the clog with a plumbers' snake, and I did the same this evening, but there's a weird twist in the pipes and neither of us could get past it.
    Sigh. Looks like I'll have to pay Rotorooter.

  3. Bummer, and like you said, a terrible way to start the day.
    We need to pick a font and dub it the sarcastic font - see if it catches on.

  4. Yuck.

    As for sarcastic fonts, how about 'comic sans'?

  5. Did you get your drain fixed? Plumbing problems are not fun!!

  6. I have a company scheduled to come on Saturday.