Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All in the Half-Vampire Family Has Moved Forward One Step

Max kindly spared me a couple of hours this afternoon to work on book covers.  With his fancy photo program and his knowledge thereof, we fixed the problems with the cover on All in the Half-Vampire Family (blurb on the back was too big and there were these mysterious white strips down each side of the spine) and made a first go at the full cover for Becoming Brigid.  (Then we went to lunch. :))
As soon as I got home, I converted jpegs into pdfs for CreateSpace, then submitted the new cover file AND the fixed up (after three proofreadings!) interior file for All in the Half-Vampire Family.
If all goes well, I should be able to order a new proof of the book by tomorrow.  Yea!
I'm almost ready to get to the first proof stage for Becoming Brigid, but I'm suddenly hesitant on IBC code numbers.  I can get a CreateSpace one for free -- and that's what I've done with the first two books.  But I can get a different one by paying for it.  What's the difference?  Does anyone know?  Why is the non-CreateSpace one better?


  1. Actually, it's been fun being a part of this, seeing it from the start (of the publishing, not writing) and watching things unfold. That and the mac & cheese (with bacon) make it all worth it.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I do. Brain cramp. thanks for catching that. :)

    2. Amazon (who own createspace) give an ASIN for free, but I'm not sure they would give and ISBN for free. ASIN aren't portable (you can't use them to list on a regular bookseller's site) but you can use them on Goodreads. ISBNs cost £10 in the UK, but have be bought in batches, usually a minimum of ten.

      Hope that helps.