Friday, April 27, 2012

Why I Stopped Following You On Twitter

Dear Tweeps,
Yes, I have stopped following some of you.  Perhaps you would care to know why.  To be blunt, it's because you were either driving me crazy or scaring me.
1) Your profile pic showed you insufficiently clothed.
2) You listed your religious affiliation on your profile for no good reason (as in, you're NOT a religious official; you're merely a member of a particular group).
3) You're a writer/blogger/office worker, yet you listed "guns" on your 2 sentence profile.
4) You tweeted commercials of "buy my book" anywhere from 4 to 24 times per day.
5) Your tweets were composed entirely of hashtags or profile refs. (#ibtweetin, #urkool #zipurlips @imsocool @whocares)
6) You were boring me to death with tweets about things that don't interest me in any way, shape, or form.
7) All of the above.


  1. You just listed a bunch of the reasons I gave up my twitter account. Good job!

  2. Yep - been there, done that too. Like Max, I gave it up entirely. Life's too short.

  3. Amen. To every word. I wish I could walk away from mine: Too much drama most days. But I'm so invested in it for work - it's how some folks find me - that I can't afford to turn it off now. Kinda like a love-hate relationship :)

  4. Not keen on twitter, so I left it to someone else to do.