Saturday, April 28, 2012

People I Really Do Like To Follow On Twitter

Wow.  There is SO MUCH negativity going on in the cyber book blogging world this week.  As far as I can tell, some blogger plagiarized another blog, and it's all I've been hearing about on blog after blog and tweet after tweet this week.
And yesterday I was a bit negative myself, so today I thought I'd post something positive about twitter.
Here's a list of people who don't do the negative and who have fun, interesting tweets to follow:
Ian Rankin
Neil Gaiman
Maureen Johnson (reading her tweets is like getting a free novel every day)
Elizabeth Eulberg
Brigid Kemmerer
Marissa Meyer
Lisa Page Rosenberg
Judy Blume (still awesome after all these years)
Adrienne Kress
Erin Bow
Bree Despain
Michelle Argyle
Katie Mills
Forgotten Bookmarks
Bookshelves of Doom
Eve Marie Mont
Gail Carriger
Rachel Harris

Thanks for staying positive this week and for being interesting people!


  1. wow, thank you! I happened to be reading this post from my weekly Sunday Goodreads "authors you follow" email and saw my name :) Always fun to be surprised like that--well, when it is a good thing (ha!)

    I do try to always stay positive, so I'm so glad you said that. As for being interesting....well, that's always up for debate lol.

    Have a wonderful day chica <3

  2. Thanks so much! I always think my twits are too few and far between compared to the tweeting pros but I'm glad someone likes to follow them!;)