Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #18

So, last week, our game was apparently a little too morbid.  Not many of you joined in.  Let's try something tamer this week, shall we?
Carmi, incredi-photojournalist who blogs at Written Inc, has a themed photo sharing every week.  On this blog, I choose one of my photos to fit his theme, then we use it to play a game.  Here's one from two weeks ago.  I add a title and a single line from a story to match Carmi's theme and my photo, then readers join in to play, adding their own twists with titles and single lines.
Carmi's theme this week is "mirror, mirror."
Here's my photo:

Title: From China, With Love.
Single line: Agent 004 filmed carefully with his cell phone and the mirrored ceiling as Wu Shi passed the loaded fortune cookie across the table.

Your turn: Create a title and a single line to match this mirrored photo.  (Yes, it really is of a ceiling mirror in a Chinese restaurant, but you can change that.  You're writing fiction, after all.)
Comment away!


  1. State Board of Health
    "Is that a hair in your sushi?"

  2. Love Lost at First Bite!

    Hair! Did I hear you ask if that was hair in his sushi?

  3. Title: Skydiving For Fun
    First Line: 'The happy couple are about to have their anniversary celebrations interrupted', Paul said as he dropped towards the skylight.

    And who are those two people in the photo?

  4. Neighbours from Hell.

    Why don't they knock before they drop in?

  5. The dangers of boredom:

    To help pass the time, Young Ju calculated how to make the chandelier fall so it would incapacitate all three targets.