Monday, April 2, 2012

Local Bookstore Sells Out Of Half-Vampire!

A few weeks ago, Frost's Books, one of a handful of independent bookstores in Salt Lake City, agreed to take on 3 copies of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire-- basically because Richard Frost is an awesome guy and was willing to try selling a self-published novel by a local author.
Today I dropped by the store to order in something, and, although Richard wasn't in and an employee was handling sales, I couldn't resist snooping around in the YA section for Confessions.  I couldn't find it.
I went to the salesgirl and placed my order for Connie Willis' All About Emily.
Her: "Shafer?  Did you used to work here?  I know that name."  (I thoroughly expected her to tell me she'd once been my student.  That happens a lot.)
Me: "No.  I'm just in here a lot.  You've probably seen me before."
Her: "Known Richard forever?"  She smiles.
Me: "I used to go to the shop when it was over in Foothill and his parents owned it.  I remember being about three and looking at records there.  I can't even remember the first time I met Richard."
Her: "Maybe that's why I know your name."
Me: "Could you also check for me: Richard had some copies of a book he was trying to ---"
Her: "Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire!!  You're THAT Shafer!  Yes, I sold all three of those to a lady."
Whoa.  Fame.
Some lady bought three copies of my book, and this salesgirl remembered the title AND me from the book.
I had hoped that maybe one copy might be sold by now -- if that.  But Richard had sold out.
The girl and I left a note for Richard to see if he wanted to try a couple more copies.
And the girl's reaction to my name made me feel like a celebrity.  :)  (Even if it was only 3 copies of the book....)


  1. And the snowball picks up speed...

  2. Congratulations! It seems to be going very well for you :)

  3. The path to world literary domination opens up like a chasm. Congratulations.