Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Udate

It snowed.  :)
Yesterday, Max fixed the cover issue that CreateSpace wouldn't accept, and this morning I was all cleared for take off and ordered what I hope will be the final proof copy of All in the Half-Vampire Family.  (Fingers crossed.)
Yesterday also, I placed an order for bookmarks (advertising both Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire AND All in the Half-Vampire Family) at Creative Graphics, my favorite silk-screen printing shop.  Their graphic design artist, Zach Romero, confirmed what I'd already guessed would be true: he'd be happy to do freelance work for me if I ever want his help designing a book cover.  :)  So far, I'm pretty happy with my own designs, but it's nice to know where I can go if I need to hire someone.
And one more thing from yesterday was that Richard Frost of Frost's books agreed to take two more copies of Half-Vampire to sell in his store, as he'd sold out of the first three so quickly.  Yea!  Happy thoughts there. :)

In other book-related news, I bought Connie Willis' All About Emily at Frost's, received a copy of Storm from Brigid Kemmerer, and won a second-hand copy of Forgotten Bookmarks from the author.  Not a bad haul for one week, eh?

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  1. The engine's firing up and lift-off is approaching. Stratosphere, here you come.