Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm FINALLY On YouTube -- And Other Half-Vampire News

Monday was nearly as busy as yesterday was (yesterday involved a dentist appt., an MRI, and lots of x-rays).  After a doctor's appointment (he who ordered the MRI and x-rays), I drove out to a grade school in my district where a friend of mine teaches 6th grade to advanced students.  She had a classroom set of The Hobbit which she had never used, and she wanted to give it to me for my advanced 7th graders.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance.
And, even more naturally, I took her an autographed copy of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire (with bookmark) for her class library.  I also made sure she knew where she could get more -- just in case the kids liked the book.  (Because a little cheap advertising never hurt a self-published author.....)  AND I told her I'd be HAPPY to come and meet her students next year if she wanted to offer a little after school thing next year sometime.  She perked up at that idea -- so I might get to do a school visit!  (I'm still hoping the librarian at Max's school might follow up on that as well -- maybe after All in the Half-Vampire Family is out next fall.)  But, at the very least, I have a copy of my book placed in yet another school.  This is good.
I then drove out to my own school (in the beastly heat) and tracked down our wonderful librarian (he who  put together everything for my book trailer last February).  He was a bit grumpy, as he's in the middle of moving everything out of the library so it can be re-carpeted, but he still took time to transfer my book trailer video from the school server onto my VERY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!

I think it worked pasting in the video, but here's a youtube link, just in case.

The photos in the video are mine, the script is mine (except both the librarian and the narrator made a mistake in calling the close "the Flesh Market Close," when it's always called merely "Fleshmarket Close"), the music was downloaded off the Kevin MacLeod site for royalty free tunes, the idea of the trailer is mine, the librarian put it all together for me in return for my writing what he considered a nearly-perfect book to hook in junior high boys, and his son (who has drama experience and a good sense of humor) is the narrator (clearly with his father's permission).
Until now, the video has only been available at school and on my amazon author page, but I'm pleased to have it out there in the big cyber world now.

But this is still not all!
I returned home (after fixing my parents' computer later that afternoon) to an e-mail from Paige Shelton, awesome author of the Farmers' Market cozies and the Country Cooking School cozies.
Here's an excerpt:
I downloaded your book this morning and just finished the prologue – excellent! Love it so far. It takes me for-freaking-ever to read a book lately but I’m forgoing everything else I’ve started to read this one. Great,great beginning, Lisa. Can’t wait to read more. 

And later I got this:
 I read the first couple chapters while I biked at the gym and it is still excellent. I’ll let you know when I finish it, but it’s great work, Lisa.

Cool!  I am so pleased!

Plus, I've found some great new things for my Vampire Pinterest board, if you want to click through and have a look.
So, overall, if I could just get through all the medical stuff and finish up All in the Half-Vampire Family, things would be moving along just swimmingly for my lovely little half-vampire boy.


  1. One more step in the ever advancing Half-Vampire progress. Way to go!
    And the video came through perfectly.

  2. Hope all the medical stuff goes all right. . . . So you can finish writing and publishing, of course. :)
    And . . . Hooray for such great reviews! I'm gonna go watch the video now.

  3. That's a lot of encouragement for a good writer. Keep it up.

  4. R. Mac Wheeler commented on Goodreads:


    I won't ever eat guacamole without thinking of you now.