Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Proofs And A Writer's Block

Last week, my most awesome father (who spent his career days as a commercial artist) finished a gorgeous pen-and-ink drawing for me to use on the new cover of Becoming Brigid.  Then, last week, Dad and I went over to Max's house, and Max kindly spent his afternoon using his spiffy computer skills to put together all the pieces of the new book cover.
So, last night, I was able to submit everything to CreateSpace, and now my 1st proof on Becoming Brigid is on its way!!!  So cool.
(I've also been tinkering with a book trailer for it.)
Also last week, my third proof of All in the Half-Vampire Family arrived.  We're still having cover issues with this one.  (This time it's at least 3 shades darker than it's supposed to be!)  And I need to read through it YET AGAIN to check for errors.  But we're nearly there, folks.  Nearly there.
So, where's the writer's block?  On The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay, that's where.  I can't seem to get the dang thing to end.  I stare at the pages and can't make them work!  Ugh!  SO frustrating!!!
First drafts are always the hardest for me.  I'd MUCH rather revise and edit that write that bare-bones first draft.   But I've got to get this one done!  And soon!
And that's the news, folks.
P.S. I am thinking of doing a cover reveal for Brigid when we get closer to publication.  Is anyone interested in participating?


  1. I'd love to see the Brigid cover. It was a fun book. And on a similar topic -- have you seen the new Disney movie, Brave? Any thoughts?

  2. I'm dying to see Brave! I love that Pixar finally has a female protagonist. I love that we have a Disney princess whose main goal has nothing to do with getting married ridiculously young. And I love that they chose to put her in Scotland! I hope it's as good as it appears to be.

  3. I didn't know what to expect when I went to see it. I think I probably would have had a better experience if I had learned more about it before I went. It's that kind of movie. Well, and it's also fun because it's a kid's show, but it probably has some deeper elements that I didn't pick up on the first time because I wasn't looking for them.

    I hope you enjoy it!