Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Springtime In The Rockies And Other Thoughts On Today

Yesterday at slightly after 4:00 PM, I got into my car, which had been sitting out in the sun for a couple of hours.  The car thermometer read 102, but it cooled to 97 as soon as I'd driven a few blocks.
Today at 4:11 PM, I got into my car, which had been sitting in the sun for several hours.  The car thermometer read 60, but, as soon as I got driving, it cooled to 52.  :)  (Unfortunately, within a couple of days, it's supposed to be scorching again.  And, even with the cool day, it still hasn't rained -- and we desperately need the rain.)

Getting an MRI and a series of x-rays on the same day when I'm really sleepy anyway makes it hard to stay awake.  My brain feels really fuzzy now.
Today's MRI was much more pleasant than the one I had half a dozen or so years ago.  Most of it was due to the nurse who ran the show.  Years ago, I had a real witch of a gal who refused to listen to me on where she should put the needle -- because, y'know, why would I know anything about my own circulatory system?  After she'd failed to find a vein that didn't roll in her preferred spots and caused me a good deal of pain while she prodded me, she was forced to admit I was right, which really pissed her off. Today's woman was nothing like that jezebel, and things wen't much better.  Plus, the machine was open at both ends and far less coffin-like than the older one.  And today's nurse piped in music via Pandora, so I got to listen to "Let It Be" and a few others while the machine roared its way through the imaging.
Much better.  :)

Then, in the parking lot, I passed a truck with the license plate that read: ZOMBKLR.  I smiled. :)

It's been a very long day, people, and I have a difficult few more days ahead.   I need sleep.


  1. (Imagine picture of swaying pocket watch)
    You're getting sleepy, sleeeepy.
    Your eye lids are getting heavy, your muscles are relaxing.
    Your mind is going blank, you're getting more relaxed.
    You are in a deep sleeeeep, sleeeeeeep.

    (Did it work?)

  2. I hope it goes well and the nurses are fine this time around.