Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #23

Here we are again, playing a writers' game that is a combo of Carmi Levy's ideas and my own.
Every week, Carmi picks a photo theme and people share their takes on it.  You can check it out at Written Inc here.
And every time I play, I make it into a writers' game.  Last week, a fair number of people participated.  You can check that out here.
This week's theme is "got the blues."
I choose a photo, then add a title and a single line of the story to go with it.  Then it's your turn; you add your own titles and single lines in the comments section.  And we end up with a whole lot of different ideas.
Here's my "got the blues" pic.

My title is: Farley
My single line is: "That damn dog always expects full service!" said Pete, leaning out the window.  "If he can drive the car, why can't he fill his own tank?!"

Your turn!  Add your titles and your single lines in the comments section below.
(Oh, and so many of you end up asking me where the photos are taken.  This one was shot at the Silver Sage Cafe in Vernon, Utah.)


  1. Gone in Sixty-one Seconds!

    Never leave the keys in your car for any potty breaks; because your dog may decide to slide on over to the driver seat and drive away without you!

  2. Dog Day Afternoon

    Today his people accidentally left the car keys where he could get them when they took the bus to work, so Rover decided to spend the day visiting friends.

    1. ...and taking them all for a jolly doggie joy ride too!?? :)

  3. The Great Escape!

    Keeping an eye on the door ... the minute no one is looking ...GONE!

  4. It's Hard to get Good Help

    Why is there no attendant? You don't really expect me to fill the car by myself, do you?

    1. Oh no not another self-serve station! Bark ! Bark!

  5. Directions -

    Yo - Jackson, which way to the pussycat club??

  6. Cars 3

    Lightning McQueen sized up the opposition and decided he should die.

  7. A Pooch Hope

    This is not the dog you are looking for! Move along.

  8. Dog watch.

    I hope he remembers to get my biscuits.

  9. Grand Theft Auto

    Hey Earl, better call the pound. Farmer Nickel's dog's going for a joyride again.