Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Good Day For The Half-Vampire

Yesterday we had our book of the month launch at school for the March book of the month, Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  For all of February, we'd been promoting the book, but the librarian refused to let kids check out the book until March 1, which had the great effect of making them incredibly anxious to read it.  ;)
Yesterday, during the televised school announcements, the librarian talked about how cool he thought it was to have a teacher who'd published a book and had a drawing for 2 autographed copies, then he had me give a "hook" for the book, then he broadcast the book trailer.  This last part turned out much better than I'd expected after all the problems that we'd had.  It took three of us to make it: my photos, my choice of music, my script, the librarian's expertise with computers to put it all together, and the librarian's son to read the narration.  (He's 14, so his voice has that just right boy/man mix to it. Plus, he's involved in drama AND cybercorp, so he's able to handle both the reading and the techy part of it.)
(As soon as I can, I'll get the librarian to help me post the book trailer on youtube and on my amazon author page, but right now it's only available at school.)
And all this worked.  There were 30 copies of the book available for check out in the library this morning when it opened at 7:20 AM.  By the time I was able to mosey down to the library (thanks to my student-teacher handling things in class), only 6 copies were left on the shelf.  Yea!
And my first period class brought a funny show of loyalty.  I noticed a girl with a copy of my book, so I asked, "How many of you guys went down and checked out my book this morning?"
The girl and a boy raised their hands. "Two of you, eh?" I said.
Suddenly, the girl blurted out, "The rest of you are losers!  Go down and get one!"
I laughed.  Then I had to remind her that many of the kids were finishing their ASSIGNED books at the moment.  (But I loved the show of loyalty.)
And things still got better.
In the afternoon, one of the English teachers stopped me in the hall and told me that one of his facebook friends had read the e-book of Half-Vampire and was so impressed that she had notified the Salt Lake County Library system to request that they buy a few copies of the book!  Wow!  Self-published and in a public library!  That'd be cool.
And after school, that same English teacher stopped me again and told me that he and his paraprofessional had been discussing the new book to teach to the upper-level ESL kids in his class, and they both agreed that Half-Vampire should be the one.  So, using his novel budget, this teacher purchased an ESL class set (only 25, nowhere NEAR a real-size class set for Utah, which would be 40).  Plus, he's buying one as well from me tomorrow.
So, while I'm no Amanda Hocking just yet, I'm doing okay as a self-published author for the moment.  :)

PS.  Why is it that 742 people signed up to win my book on Goodreads, but fewer than a half-dozen have signed up to win on my blog?!!!  Go sign up, people!


  1. Awesome! The public library? I'll keep my fingers crossed. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    1. Well, the county library, not the city library. But still.....
      Thanks, Max.

  2. In months to come I will be able to say that I read Lisa Shafer's blog before she became famous.

    Great news and really hope it continues to snowball.