Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #14

Carmi, a journalist who blogs at Written Inc, has selected "past its prime" for this week's photo-sharing theme.  Here on my blog, we turn this into a game.  I choose a photo that I think fits the theme, then I add a title and a single line of a story to go with it, in the flavor of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.  After that, it's my readers' turn to create their own titles and single lines of the shortest-ever flash fiction to go with the photo.
Here's a link to last week's game so you can get an idea.

Ready to play?  Good.  Here we go.

The photo for "past its prime":

The title: Urban Exploring
The single line:  "Go on," he urged.  "I dare you."

Okay, your turn!  A title and a single line to tell a tiny piece of a story to go with this photo.  Go for it.  Comment away.


  1. Title: The Hunting Trip
    First Line: "Phil, I warned about eating that many beans."

  2. The Morning After

    “That was one helluva party - now quick, we only have two hours before Mumm and Dad’s plane lands!"

  3. Good after bad.
    "Seriously, just a little Clorox and paint and the place'll be good as new."

  4. Grounded

    I warned those kids what I would do if they jumped on their bed.

  5. How Did He Do It?

    "No one knows for sure, but lack of blood evidence suggests that the writing on the wall, may explain everything."

  6. TAG! You're it. Twice. Should you accept these challenges the government will reduce your taxes by 75%.

  7. You people are really making me laugh this time. :)

  8. For Sale

    Really, Mr and Mrs Johnson, it's a handyman's dream!