Monday, March 5, 2012

Fifty Followers!

Yea!  Fifty followers as of today!
And twelve of you are new since the weekend.  :)
Welcome aboard, everyone.  I hope you'll stop by and play tomorrow's writers' game with us.


  1. I gave the copy of Half-Vampire to the librarian and she was excited that it was even signed, to our school, by the author. Then I mentioned that there was a character patterned after me, and and another teacher the kids would recognize (if they had her). Then she was really excited. She is planning a contest for the kids that can figure out who the other teacher is (I told her they already knew I was in it). I donated the T-Shirt you gave me (hope you don't mind), she's going to put it up somewhere where the kids can see it, and she's already talking about finding some money to buy a few more books so they won't have to wait. Way cool!
    I'll keep you up to date on the Half-Vampire, East Side Premier as things unfold.

  2. Max, you rock!!
    I'll be happy to donate a couple more tee shirts if she's willing to buy a couple of books for the library. I'm also happy to send her an "accelerated reader" test for the book so the kids can be tested on it, if she uses that for contests like our librarian does.
    I'm also willing to meet with kids after school or answer interview questions or anything else that will help promote reading (and, of course, my book).
    thanks so much!

  3. Oh, and we have a book trailer if she wants it. :)

  4. I'll let her know, and even if she doesn't want it, I'd love to see the trailer.

  5. I hope to have it up on my amazon page fairly soon, but I need our librarian's help for that, and things have been a bit busy.