Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let Me Introduce You To A Fellow Blogger/Author: R. Mac Wheeler

The first thing I noticed when visiting Mac's blog is the incredible volume of what he has written.  It seems like every time I drop over to see what's happening on his blog, he's got a new novel ready.  (Okay, that was hyperbole, but still....)
The second thing I noticed is that he takes lots of photos.
Naturally, as I'm always stressed for time, I had to wonder how he fit all of this in.  So I asked.  And he responded in a mini-interview:

 can't help but notice that you enjoy photography, and I think some of your photos are really very well framed and artistic.  Does this way of looking at the world (through a lens, framing scenes) influence your writing style at all?  And if so, how?

I’ll frame this thusly *laugh* My anal personality (former nit picking project manager) most influences my eye and writing. I figure we don’t build the view and sense of the reader/viewer. It is our detail that enables the reader/viewer to create that for herself. Even if she doesn’t notice the detail manipulated into the fabric of our creation, we are successful if the reader/viewer can sense being there.

Also, you seem to find time for family, dogs, photos, blogging, and writing LOTS of books.  I am very impressed with the amount of writing you do.  Do you schedule your writing time?  Or do you merely snatch moments of it whenever possible?  Put another way, how on earth do you find time to write so much?  

I’m a fulltime writer. I treat it as a seven to five job. I’ve cut back. It used to be seven to midnight. All of my activities are holistic to my sanity. My three pups take turns under my desk. I schedule outings to keep them young (and by default gives me some exercise). The blogging and photography is embedded in the evolution of my brand, and it interrupts my creativity just enough to keep me fresh.

If that hasn't caught your curiosity yet, how about some of his vibrant new covers?

Here's a link to his blog.  Go on over, admire his dog pics, look at his books, and then go buy one.  :)

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  1. Oh Yes! By all means, buy all twelve. I have thirty hungry children, and Timmy needs new crutches.

    Lisa, thanks for the spotlight. I appreciate it.

    Now sit down and answer my interview questions so I can introduce you to my followers.

    Yall have a wonderful week.

    - Mac