Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Things You Can Do To Help Out A Newbie Author (Me)

You all know I self-published the YA book Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire, right?  Well, sales are a little sluggish (like, I'm not going to be retiring to Bermuda any time soon).  You can help me out, if you'll be so kind.

Got an Amazon account?  Cool.
Click here and here and give that "LIKE" button a click for me, will you?
If you have another few seconds, you could click here and go to the five-star reviews of my book and click "yes" they were helpful on some or all of them.

Got Facebook?
You could put a link to this post and ask your followers to click and LIKE away.

Got Twitter?
You could tweet this post and ask followers to click and LIKE.
You could also ask them to follow me:!/@lisamshafer
I'll follow back. :)

Got Goodreads?
You could friend me.  That'd be nice. :)  Just click here.
You could also add my book to your TBR list and give it lots and lots of stars.  :D

Feeling REALLY generous? You could go here or here and actually BUY a copy of the book..... (HINT, HINT).

Also, if any of you who are authors would like me to return clicks and LIKEs for you, let me know.  I'll be happy to swap favors here.  :)  (And, yeah, I buy and read self-published books as well as traditionally published ones.)


  1. Okay, I shall Amazon first, then twitter, and etc. Odd thing about twitter are all the strange random people that follow you. Who are they and what do they really want when they follow you? Especially when you have no idea who they are? Hopefully you'll see sale they say keep your day job. For now. You must get a lot of exposure from your students, and their friends. It all helps down the long line.

  2. Thanks, Karen!
    You and one other person have dropped by to "LIKE" a few things. And three people bought a Kindle copy today! :)

  3. Done everything on Amazon US and Amazon UK, though mine is the only five star review there. I've also posted on my Facebook page and through the Starfish FB page on twitter.

    Hope it helps.

    I mentioned I;d submitted a review to Hib magazine, but that publication has now died a death so won't get published. I'll see where else takes reviews that would be appropriate.

  4. Indeed. It looks like you and one more person have done this for me. Thanks!

  5. Done all the suggestions (but Twitter cuz I don't Tweet). And, I actually bought a book today before!! I came to your blog. How coincidental. Hope it all comes to something so you can retire (and write full time, right?).

  6. Thank you. Again. You're always so supportive. :)