Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Famous (At School Anyway)!

I had no idea how supportive my teaching colleagues would be about having Half-Vampire as a book of the month, but lots of them -- and not just the English department -- have jumped on board with promoting this book.  They wear my tee shirts.  Many of them have bought a copy of the book from me. They offer kids extra credit to read Half-Vampire.
The results?  Kids I don't even know call out to me in the halls and ask me questions about the book.  The librarian can't keep any of his 30 copies on the shelves; they're gone constantly.  The first kids are now finishing the book and taking the test on it to be entered for prizes.  And the library aide and I designed the fun bulletin board you see in the photo.  (It has pics of places Eric goes in the big chase scene down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  Just click to enlarge it.)
Really, I feel rather famous.
Of course, it's only at school.  But it's still fun.
Kids are begging me to finish All in the Half-Vampire Family, so I'll be trying to get that all tidied up for a release in April.  (I hope.)

Oh, and don't forget to enter my book and tee shirt giveaway going on for one more week!  Just click here for details.


  1. Hey there, I'm a follower of your blog, and I'm giving you the Lovely Blog Award! I've posted a link to your blog from mine. Go to this link to check it out:
    ~Jennifer :D

  2. Hitting the big time! That's way cool, and another whopping congratulations!

  3. Fame with kids is far more important. They'll love you forever and in years to come they'll share the book with their kids.

  4. That's cool! Now you're famous in your (almost) hometown and not just in China. :)-