Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well, That Was A Good Idea.....

Concerned that not many people had signed up to enter my book + swag contest, I chose about 30 of the 152 people who'd added my Half-Vampire book to their TBR lists when I'd had my giveaway on the goodreads site last month and sent them invitations to have a look at the contest on this blog.
This resulted in my gaining 8 new followers this afternoon.  Wow.  That worked.
Welcome aboard, everyone.  :D
Update 9:00 PM:  Make that 9 new followers.  :)
9:45:  10 new followers.

In update news, my book trailer is finished but not yet available off the school computers, I have decided to try to make Half-Vampire Family available for purchase in April (if my copy editor, i. e., the English department head, can finish marking up her proof copy in spite of her massive yearbook deadline schedule), and I've almost got Becoming Brigid ready to go to proof stage.  (There's that ONE part that's still bugging me.....)  I've also spent time re-outlining The (Dis)Appearance Of Nerissa MacKay because it worries me that I have 2 manuscripts at the almost-ready stage but all the others are still in either outline or first draft stage.  Ugh.  I need to spend more time on the newest WsIP.


  1. And the ball starts rolling...

  2. Congratulations on your success Lisa! I love vampire stories :)

  3. Hey, I found a new blog that immediately made me think of you:

    I tried to send it to your email address (the obladi one) but it must be out of date.

    I'm glad your promo stuff is coming together!!

    1. "Twain uses the character of Pap to show that white people are just as stupid as black people."

      That's a great line. :)

  4. As the song says, 'Keep on Running.'

    Good luck with everything.