Monday, March 19, 2012

Cool News!

Last week one of my students told me my book was now in the Salt Lake County Library System.  As I use the city system instead of the county system, I had not been aware of this, but I looked it up, and, sure enough, he was right!
The book -- as of this writing -- is on order for the Herriman Library, but it already has five holds on it!  Yea!!

Also, last Tuesday, our English department head at my school informed me that my book was much better than most of the crap she's seen put out for YA lately, and so she began the process for the district's official novels committee, which -- if all goes well -- will put my book on the list of books acceptable to be taught to whole classes in our school district.  And, if nothing else, will perhaps at least perk the curiosity of a few more teachers who see the book on the list.  :)

Yes, as an English teacher, I certainly get strange ways of getting publicity.  Really, most self-published authors don't really go the same routes I'm going: school libraries, public libraries, and official school district novel lists.  But, hey, whatever works, right?


  1. That is awesome news. I doubt many self published authors can say the same about their books. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations, Lisa - that's very cool indeed!

  3. Fantastic news!! Congratulations and enjoy knowing you have READERS!!!!!

  4. Thanks, ladies. It'll be even cooler if the library system actually BUYS a book.

  5. Caron, on the goodreads feed of this blog, commented:

    Congratulations! I actually donated a couple of my books to school libraries and a public library. They were so excited to get the book that I was surprised! So your right, whatever works!

  6. Congrats! I'm only to the part where he has to get the camera from the yearbook girl, but so I'm enjoying it.
    And Mr. Papsi, sounds close.

  7. That is awesome. When did the paper version become available? Sorry I missed the debut. :( But congratulations on how well it seems to be doing!

    1. Feb. 4 was when the POD became available to the world. :)